Retirement Planning for the LGBT Community

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  • Are you worried about what your future in retirement might be?
  • Would you like to enjoy a fulfilling life when you finish working, doing the things you always dreamed of?
  • Would you like to be surrounded by your friends in the LGBT Community when you retire?
  • Would you like to retire to that dream home by the sea or in your favourite City with your partner?

If these sound like some of the things you’re thinking of - read our retirement guide. Created for the LGBT Community by the LGBT Community.

  • Many of us have lived through a period of time in the closet and could not have imagined the freedom we can have in retirement today.
  • Many of us looking forward to retirement would like to live in an open, vibrant LGBT friendly community.
  • Many of us would like to retire to the beach or the sun and live our dream.
  • We can face higher costs for retirement as a result of where we’d like to be and how we’d like to live.

Get our retirement guide to understand the steps we can take to live our retirement dream. Created for the LGBT Community by the LGBT Community

  • Is your goal to retire into an open, vibrant LGBT friendly community?
  • Would you like to retire in the sun and on the beach?
  • Do you know what your retirement plans will cost and will you have enough money to make them come true?
  • Our LGBT guide has been created with the intention of helping you get there

Get our guide. Created by the LGBT community for the LGBT community.

  • Guide specially prepared for people in the LGBT Community by people in the LGBT Community.
  • Find out the specific issues we face in the LGBT Community when planning for retirement and how to address them.
  • See our experts top tips for a happy LGBT retirement.
  • Discover how to maximise protection for both you and your partner, if you are planning together.

Get our guide. Created by the LGBT community for the LGBT community.

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Meet the team


Darryl Dias is the LGBT specialist para planner with our London based Partner - AAG Wealth Management.

Through his experience of moving from India to Australia and more recently to London, Darryl has a personal understanding of the issues faced by the LGBT Community in various countries.

Darryl is passionate about supporting the LGBT Community and helping people plan for their future. He is an advocate for LGBT Diversity and a champion of LGBT rights.


Kath Wilkinson is proud to be launching the first specialist LGBT Financial Planning operation in Manchester and the North West in partnership with Equality Wealth. Kath will be using her experience and struggles in coming out to support others in the LGBT Community with a focus on helping LGBT people plan for their future and retirement in a safe and confidential space.


Malcolm Cuthbert is the Founding Partner for Equality Wealth in the UK and has significant experience in supporting the LGBT Community in planning for the future. Malcolm is a specialist in LGBT Retirement and as an Out and Proud father of four has additional expertise in issues around planning for children in same sex relationships. Malcolm is passionate about working with the LGBT Community and helping others based on his own journey.